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after dusk, after dawn

Sarang Gupta


Delhi, 2023 



"I’m constantly discovering new horizons and my music preferences are persistently changing. So, I cannot call myself a DJ of one particular genre. These days I'm shuttling somewhere between house, techno, breaks and trance. My first encounter with electronic music was perhaps The Prodigy."


Best hangover remedy?

Another alcoholic drink :) as prescribed by my mother. 


You’d be a Groupie for?

If he was alive, for Freddie Mercury 


A song you unwind to after an eventful night? 

A song by Rio Reiser, a German singer from Berlin. In the chorus he sings "It's over, bye, bye, June moon, it's over, it's over, bye, bye". Or it also could be the "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed.




"I love playing music that has the power to uplift & energise. I'm obsessed with discovering new sounds, and my early inspirations including Daft Punk, Modjo and Eagles have fueled my love for innovative music to this day."


Favorite post gig snack? 

 A well deserved pizza in all its cheesy, delicious glory, and I'm always up for some good-natured sharing.


An oddly favorite thing to look at on Instagram? 

Scrolling through the comment sections of popular accounts. 


A song you unwind to after an eventful night? 

My ultimate 3am banger is 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' by the Arctic Monkeys. 




"My music style is crunchy, harmonic and nostalgic. I've grown up listening to a lot of disco,  my teenage years were highly influenced by rock, punk & psytrance artists  Raja Ram and Infected Mushrooms. What I play is usually  a mish-mash of riffs and guitar sounds, retro synths, driving bass lines while maintaining the standard 4/4 rhythm pattern of electronic dance music / techno. I call it dark disco!"


Strangest song request you’ve been asked? 

Baby Doll, the bollywood song, requested by a group of 4 men. 


 Best hangover remedy? 

Lots and lots of water and potatoes. 


You’d be a Groupie for?

 Linkin Park for life. 





"The music I play is dreamy, groovy – a mix of House, Progressive and Melodic techno. I spent 3 years in Sao Paulo, so Afro-Brazilian musical heritage has been a large inspiration in my sensibilities, I love its focus on rhythm and melodies." 


Favorite post gig snack? 

A beer, unless I'm in Goa, where I have a tradition of tequila shots. 


An oddly favorite thing to look at on Instagram? 

Christiano Ronaldo's videos. It's an odd pleasure and possible compensation for the years of not watching German football  since I was living abroad. 


A song you unwind to after an eventful night? 

Dragon Fly by Goldie, its a  15 min symphony that always has me in trance.