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an ode to the genda phool

Tarun Kalyani 


Amidst the sleepy palaces and mossy lakes of Alwar, Rajasthan our inspiration comes full circle at twilight, in a field of marigold


Omniscient and polysemantic, the marigold is interwoven in the cultural fabric of our country. This collection finds muse in the flower's diverse connotations, primarily in its etymology – Mary’s Gold in Christianity and universally perceived as Herb of the Sun. An unmissable burst of saffron the flower finds meaning across faith and tradition – decorating doorways, deities and altars. However it is also synonymous with matrimony and victory – newlyweds are shrouded in heavy floral garlands – an essential element to their wedding finery while elsewhere notable personalities are facilitated and decorated with the same. Coinciding with the auspicious month of Diwali, the Bose blazer and Haar T-shirt is our take on novelty ‘traditional wear’ brought to life with a signature graphic. These protagonists coexist in company of key pieces consisting of slouchy tailoring and textural textiles. The interplay of the prim with the laid back – essentials to live in, sun-dry and crease playfully.








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