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bhaane movie night

Dilsher & Mansher Dhillon 


"Why do we love short films? For the same reason we love short stories – they’re so full, self-contained and realized. And tell their stories so precisely, they give a voice to people who maybe don’t have the resources to amount to something much larger."


Screenwriters and twins Dilsher Mansher Dhillon play the perfect hosts to Bhaane's first (of more to come) Movie Night. At our Bombay Trunk Show, handwoven cotton shirts and sparkly shiny skirts swished and rubbed shoulders with a motley crew of writers, film-makers and creatives. An evening of screening independent shortfilms unfolded – some homegrown masterpieces and some foreign gems. What followed was an engaging round of questions with filmmaker Pranav Bhasin on his award-winning short film New Year’s Eve (a humorously-relatable flick) and Director and actor Amrita Bacghi on her 2020 release – Succulents that explores a dystopian future through concepts of human connection and the idea of loneliness in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. 


Movies featured: 


My Josephine

The Person I Am When No One Is Looking

New Year's Eve

Stay tuned for the next edition of Bhaane Movie Night.