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minding your business and other things

Poorna Jaganathan 


In a quick catch up during her visit to India the actor talks about pantsuits and pani puri in our Cheryl Anne Blazer and Morticia skirt 


How would you describe your personal style?

I love a good 80's look  – something androgynous, pantsuits are definitely my comfort zone. 


How has being an actor and working in the industry changed the way you dress?

Fresh off the release of  Delhi Belly and during my time living in India was my introduction to  designers and the craft. It's been a true treat to watch emerging talent bind innovation with  tradition, every fabric has a story and I feel very connected to the design aesthetic locally. 

My early lessons in style must be credited to Bandana Tewari whom I forged a friendship with while she was at Vogue, she took me under her wing and essentially styled me on numerous occasions. What I learned during that time is invaluable and continues to inspire how I dress.  


What were some of your favourite moments during your recent trip to India?

The night of the Dior Pre-fall 2023 show was memorable, a perfect crescent moon glazing over the arch of the Gateway of India,  it was an ambience that was  romantic, historic and magical. Indian workmanship has been invisible to the world yet it's been the backbone to most international designers and it was great to see it finally get its due. There was a print in Madras checks reminiscent of one worn by my mother and grandmother, which was evocative. 


Special haunts in the city?

I'm very basic, I make a routine trip to Elco to eat pani puri - sometimes that's twice a day. I love walking through the alleys of South Bombay , there's always something new to discover and then I kick it in bandra - The Bagel Shop is always a go-to. 


Words of Wisdom, Nalini-style?

Mind your own goddamn business. When you mind your own business, a lot of free time will suddenly appear.