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the ballroom falls silent

Tenzing Dakpa


Goa, 2023


The air is perfectly still but music travels through the arched glass doors,

funneling through the crystal chandeliers, in a room where the shade of cerulean was possibly christened.

In a 17th century Portuguese manor that once clamoured with giddy laughter and revelry, the ballroom falls silent 

Outside, the world zips forward in a timelapse

But inside, the hourglass is lonely

Objects d’art, Paraphernalia, Momentos 

All look back through thin glass cabinets

In their reflection, through shafts of the Goan sun 

Are the creatures of Chandor 

They brood and daydream and luxuriate in the legacy of the past

In this house of secrets 

Strangers, friends, lovers?

The cruel beauty of an adversary. 

Often spurned, but not forgotten. 




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