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Over dinner



In case you’ve been living under a rock, or drive your own car (hi, who are you?) You've probably heard of the QUIET MODE feature Uber released in May 2019 : the feature, currently available to US Uber Black and SUV Premium Riders, allows them to essentially silence their drivers if they wish. Note: according to Uber’s CEO, this ‘do not disturb feature,’ was frequently requested by Uber’s top customers, and is one of the ways in which the company can segregate premium from regular users.


Kaira (picking at her salad): this is why I still take autos


Rajat (who chose the location for dinner): it's not a SILENT mode, it’s a ‘quiet preferred mode.’ I mean, I frankly don’t mind catching a snooze in the car, and that’s all I'm doing.. it's not like I'm offending the driver…..


Sonali (who has met Rajat for the first time): and dude, I could do without one more UBER driver asking me what I'm doing on Friday night, or commenting on my outfit.


Kaira: What? Why don’t they have the truffle fries here anymore? Wait, no…. How can you silence someone with a button? Or if you can, they should be able to silence you too!


Karan: That's not the way things work. But ya, it's crazy. It's like people are going to lose their normal social skills. How hard is it to say, ‘Hey xyz, I had a long day at work, just going to nap a bit. Thanks.’


Kaira: That’s what I'm saying. I think it's really offensive. It's not like I'm dying to hear all about the guy's family or anything, but I can make a conversation and I know how to end it, and if we stop being able to do that then (raises arms in exaggerated shrug, indicating the end of the world). 


Rajat: People wanted it dude. That’s why they have it. It's not like the company is evil. Chill out.