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Karan Kumar Sachdev

Equality, fairness, and sustainability are the practices around which Veja has built its compelling story. As we welcomed this conscious shoe brand to India, we found ourselves thinking about important values in our own local contexts. This took us to the fresh, lightly fragranced morning scenes that frame these photographs; it urged us to visit places that are mundane but precious, and think about the natural serenity that infuses India, as it wakes up to a new sun everyday.


For Karan Kumar Sachdev, the photographer behind this essay, this power of peace is most resonant in religious areas around Benares and Bombay. It is here too, where not putting on, but the taking off of the shoe, is a revealing, and unifying act: “In India, you take off your shoes before you enter a religious space... and this is one of the ways in which we become equal. These photographs then remind us that there is more that unites than divides us.” With this mindful approach, we look forward to walking through India with Veja.

Mumbai, 2019



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